CBD Oils
2018 will be remembered as a year when Cannabidiol, or CBD is available in the UK, and it is hitting the mainstream. The older generation of Cannabis was illegal because it contained THC, the psychoactive compound that made people smoke weed. The new preparation uses a cannabinoid known as CBD, and not the THC that can make you feel a bit edgy. There isn’t much CBD in recreational cannabis but it has a far greater concentration in hemp plants. Our CBD is a dietary supplement and it is not considered a drug.
Amongst the 100 different cannabinoids is cannabidiol, known by the abbreviation as CBD. The most common and better-known cannabinoid is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD is the second most common cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. Our formula contains less than 0.2% THC.

Our C-Cear Cannabinoid oil or CBD oil:
• It can be sold without any hassle throughout the EU
• Our product adheres to the Narcotics Act
• It is not psychoactive and thus not intoxicating.
• It is processed with a patented technology.
• It enables a faster and more uniform absorption of the CBD. It ensures that the body can absorb the drug more effectively.
• It has a high sustained levels of the active ingredients in the blood if taken twice a day.
• A better patient compliance and the effects lasts longer
• Our CBD is not a medicine but a dietary supplement.

Why is this CBD not regulated? According to EU guidelines, the CBD product must not exceed a THC content of 0.2%. If the THC level is above 0.2%, the product would fall under the Narcotics Act and thus become a prescription drug. Our CBD drops do contain traces of THC, but less than the 0.2% limit.

How much CBD is included in the products?
Your 10 ml dropper bottle has about 240 drops so each drop of the 1200 mg strength has 50 mg CBD Each drop of your 600 mg dropper bottle has 25 mg of CBD.

How to take CBD products and what is the dosage?
The drops are taken orally, and can be taken twice a day. The maximum recommended intake is four drops of CBD oil per day or 100mg. You can easily increase the dosage to 200 mg per day with the 1200 mg strength to treat severe conditions. Start with a relatively small dosage and gradually increase it until the desired effects. Place 1 to 3 drops under your tongue and try not to swallow for 1 minute.

How should the CBD product be stored?
The product should be stored out of reach of children. In addition, it should be kept away from heat, light and air in a well-sealed container. Please store the product at room temperature (below 25 ° C) and do not freeze it or expose it to excessive heat.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?
The difference between CBD and THC is primarily in the effect on the psyche. THC is considered a psychoactive substance. It causes the psycho-stimulating effect and is thus responsible for the fact that cannabis is regarded as narcotic. Thus it can be legally traded in the EU. It has no side effects such as anxiety and paranoia that are solely caused by THC.

Will I get ‘high’ from CBD?
No, CBD does not make you ‘high’. Even though CBD is extracted from a cannabis plants, it is not psychoactive, unlike THC. Hence, even at high concentrations one cannot achieve a ‘high’.

Is there a risk of overdose?
Side effects of CBD are usually small and short-lived and the consumption of a larger amounts is considered safe. So far, there are no cases of overdose accompanied by serious side effects. CBD is legal if the THC level is below 0.2% and it is not considered a drug!

Does CBD affect a drug test?
No, basically CBD has no effect on any drug test if you take the required dose.

Can I drive and operate machines under CBD influence?
Yes, taking CBD products allows you to drive and to use machines if you stick to the required dose. Our CBD capsules may have a minimal trace of THC, but in principle the content is well below the 0.2% limit. As long as you follow our advice taking the required dose, there are no concerns. Our CBD products are gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Cannabis is made up of hundreds of different components. The best known cannabinoids are:
• CBD - cannabidiol
• THC - tetrahydrocannabinol