Cear Med Ltd - Quality CBD Health & Wellbeing Supplements

When started Cear Med as a food supplements company we wanted to be different. Not just “another” off the shelf supplement company. At Cear Med we develop, formulate and source our ingredients from seed to final product, and pride ourselves on a quality and results driven mindset.

Based in the UK with suppliers and distribution worldwide, we work with the best partners to ensure you get the best possible range of products, giving you access to all the benefits of CBD.

We pride ourselves on every aspect of our products, from formulation to packaging. We have designed them to make your life easier, smarter and with a sustainable conscience.

We have identified the key areas CBD has its best effects, and then developed our product range with those benefits in mind. Meaning you get the best possible results by taking advantage of years of research and development knowledge.

Our range is aimed at health, wellbeing and fitness, using day to day product types, meaning you can embrace the power of CBD across your daily routine without it feeling out of place.

All our products are Vegan and GMO free.

Cear CBD Oil is a Nutritional Suppliment that could assist in your Health and Wellbeing.